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Thoughts For The Week
Many couples never achieve what John Gottman calls "we-ness." Our economic culture is driven by competition and it is this attitude that infiltrates all our relationships and causes problems that often end in divorce. The opposite of competition is cooperation or solidarity.  What many couples lack is deep friendship, the kind where you know the other person has your back, gets you, enjoys you as you are and is your biggest fan.  This is the kind of relationship where you can share any feeling or thought without risk of censure, judgment, or criticism.  Most of all, you just feel liked and understood.  To create this kind of friendship isn't a piece of cake.  It takes a deep commitment to being unselfish, respectful, and accepting.  But it can be learned.  That's where therapy comes in.  Therapy creates a safe environment to practice skills, forgive, and get better, a place to heal and reconnect with that person you once fell in love with.    

Kathleen D. Buckley M.S.

Licensed Marriage & Family